These are the following "open source" server tool programs that work with TSora based ircd's (Hybrid, ircd-ratbox, csircd, and 2.8.21+CS). The list is arranged by category, and is likely not complete.

Server tools are programs that are separate from the ircd that perform some sort of task to assist the administrator.

This is part of a series of pages providing information on programs usable with TSora IRC servers.

I have not run all of these programs. I cannot guarantee that any will even work. I also cannot guarantee they will work with all platforms.

The local copies of the programs may or may not be current. I try to keep them current but I sometimes will lag behind for a period of time.

Any entry with a gold background are programs that have been updated within the past year and/or are actively maintained.

Configuration Tools

ripe2i A program that takes a current RIPE WHOIS Database and parses out the specified country codes into IP based I: lines or auth blocks. Supports IRCnet, Hybrid 6, Hybrid 7, ircd-ratbox, and csircd blocks/lines.   Local Copy
mkpasswd.c A wrapper around all of the known crypt() algorithms, used to make "encrypted" passwords for various conf entries. This program (or an older variant) is used in Hybrid 6.2+ and 7, IRCnet, ircd-ratbox, and hybserv. CVS 1.32 Local Copy
VMS Port
Windows GUI mkpasswd A Win32 GUI version of mkpasswd, supporting all of the commonly used crypt() algorithms. 1.1 Source
Debian mkpasswd.c The mkpasswd required for Debian's port of Hybrid 7. They replaced the unrestricted mkpasswd included with Hybrid with a restrictive GPL licensed program that is less functional.   Local Copy
Local Manpage [HTML]
convertconf A tool used to do an initial conversion between a Hybrid 6 ircd.conf file and a target server.   Hybrid 7.1 Version
convertilines A tool used to convert Hybrid 6 I: lines into optimized auth blocks.   Hybrid 7.1 Version
ircd-ratbox Version

K-Line Tools

Litil Divil's KLINE generator A Perl script in which you paste server text containing user@host's and the script will spit out a set of /quote KLINE commands. v020527 Direct Link
fixklines.c A small C program to rewrite "1.2.4.*" klines and dlines into "". This only works with Hybrid 6/+CS's ircd.conf format. fixklines.c was included with Hybrid 6. CVS 1.5 Local Copy
klineParse.c A program to parse the kline file and remove redundant K-Lines. This program knows and handles removing specific user@host when a *@host exists. klineParse.c also only handles the old style ircd.conf format, and was included with Hybrid 6. 2.12 Local Copy A small Python script that generates KLINE's in Hybrid 7 and ircd-ratbox's new kline.conf format.   Local Copy
juli's K-line simplificator A Perl script that connects to your server, parses /stats K, then generates a set of /quote KLINE and quote UNKLINE commands to clean up the KLINE list.   Local Program
Local Conf
convertklines A program used to convert Hybrid 6 K: lines into the new format kline.conf.   Hybrid 7.1 Version
ircd-ratbox Version

ircd Support Tools

viconf.c A small program used to lock the conf, kline file, or motd to only allow one admin access at a time. In Hybrid 6, the ircd would also see that the file was locked and not touch it. To obtain kline or motd functionality, you must create links to the binary named 'viklines' and 'vimotd'. viconf.c also supports the EDITOR variable, allowing the admin to use whatever editor he or she wishes. This program was included with Hybrid 6 and 7.0.   Hybrid 7.1 Version
ircd-ratbox Version
6.3-chroot A patch, start program, and documentation needed to run Hybrid 6.3 or higher in a chroot()'ed "jail".   Direct Link
ircu's wrapper.c An alternative chroot wrapper program that can be used in place of the run_irc.c in the chroot kit above. CVS 1.2 Local Copy
chkircd Example crontab scripts to check for and restart down IRC servers.   Hybrid 6/+CS Version
Hybrid 7/ratbox Version
Hybrid Upgrade Script (Site down) An out of date but easily corrected script used to facilitate ircd upgrades for admins. 3.2 Local Copy
mkkeypair A shell script to create a public/private keypair for server to server cryptlinks.   Hybrid 7.1 Version
ircd-ratbox Version

IRC Operator Tools

RSA Respond The official (command line) program used to generate a response to a /challenge powered oper attempt on supporting servers. The different versions will all work with all /challenge implementations, there are just minor cosmetic differences between them.   Hybrid 7.1 Version
Ratbox Version
Win32 Console Binary (Hyb7)
winrespond A Win32 GUI /challenge responder. [VIEWCVS offline] 0.4 Binary
botscan.c An old program used to scan for Eggdrop bots on a shell (by looking for open listening ports). 1.2 Local Copy
checksocks.c A program derived from IRCnet's mod_socks iauthd module to manually check a host to see if it is an open SOCKS proxy. v.4 Local Copy

TCP Proxies

These programs will proxy or "bounce" permitted TCP connections from one local port to a remote. These programs are needed when a server does not support hiding server IP's from IRC users. These can also be used to perform some sort of network transport the ircd does not natively support.

ircu Bounce A simple C++ bouncer, included with ircu 2.10.x. CVS 1.3 Local Copy
bounce.c An old bouncer written by orabidoo (the author of the TS protocol).   Local Copy
CSTCPProxy comstud's access controlled TCP bouncer. 1.4 Local Copy

A TCP proxy that performs zlib based compression of the network stream. [VIEWCVS]

cvs -d checkout zbounce

Incompatible with ircd's builtin ziplinks.

CVS Local Copy
stunnel A general purpose SSL tunnel/wrapper. 4.05 Local Copy

Miscellaneous Tools

SynDet A small program that examines netstat output for multiple connections from the same /24. The FreeBSD version sends another flag to netstat to not display IPv6 connections, as they will crash syncdet. 4.0 Original Version
FreeBSD Version
encspeed A program that checks the speed a particular system deals with encrypting and decrypting data using OpenSSL.   Hybrid 7.1 Version

A program that connects to a specified server you know you can access, obtains a LINKS list, and attempts to connect to each server, giving you a list of specifically what servers you can reach from your machine.

This patch is needed for it to handle PING cookies.

1.00b Direct Link

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