These are the following "open source" server bot programs that work with TSora based ircd's (Hybrid, ircd-ratbox, csircd, and 2.8.21+CS). The list is arranged by category, and is likely not complete.

Server bots are defined (by me for the purpose of this list) as bot programs designed to be run by IRC operators or administrators for some purpose supporting the server. Bots designed to be used by normal users (for information, channel control, entertainment, or file transfer) are not included. Bots designed to abuse the IRC servers, network, or other users are also not included.

This is part of a series of pages providing information on programs usable with TSora IRC servers.

I have not run all of these programs. I cannot guarantee that any will even work. I also cannot guarantee they will work with all platforms.

The local copies of the programs may or may not be current. I try to keep them current but I sometimes will lag behind for a period of time.

Any entry with a gold background are programs that have been updated within the past year and/or are actively maintained.

Monitor Bots

These are bots that perform some sort of local client control and monitoring on a server.

OOmon A server monitor for Hybrid, ratbox, and csircd. Kline/kill abusers and search for users. [VIEWCVS] 2.2 Local Copy
TCM (Hybrid Snapshots) An updated version of the original monitor bot. 3.1.1pre Local Copy
SpamCalc A command line program and an irssi script to watch for and ban "spammy" DNS names. 0.7.0 Local Copy

Proxy Scanners

Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor The current top-rated proxy scanning bot. [VIEWCVS (BOPM)] [VIEWCVS (libopm)] 3.1.2 Local Copy

Information/Statistics Gathering

These are bots that are run only to gather specific information about a server or a network, or to acquire statistics for further processing.

net_map A Perl script used to generate graphical IRC network maps using GraphViz's dot and neato tools. 2002-03-04 Direct Link

An operator script (in Perl) that constructs a map of an IRC network. The map displays both active and potential (via STATS c) links.

Graphical map generation depends on GraphViz.

Revision 87 Local Archive
JChanBot A Perl based bot I used on to record what channels were juped (set mode +j or /resv'ed). The bot's code is generic enough to record other types of data. 2003-04-01 Direct Link

A program that uses RRDtool as a backend to create graphs displaying user and channel counts on an IRC network.

All information is in Brazilian Portuguese.

0.6.7 Local Copy
IRC mapping script

A script that generates text and optionally graphical maps of IRC networks. If your network uses masking, it can discover routing inside of a mask.

Graphical map generation depends on GraphViz.

2.0pre2 Local Copy
irctree A script that uses netcat to build a text map of an IRC network. 0.10 Local Copy

mrtg Programs

These programs in some way work with mrtg to provide graphical statistical information.

usercount.c A small program to extract local and global user counts from a list of IRC servers and write out mrtg compatible data files. 2003-05-15 Local Copy
getusers (Archive) A small program that extracts data from /lusers from various IRC daemons. The output can be human readable or in mrtg format. 8 Direct Link
mrtg-irc-stats (Original)

An mrtg plugin to extract information from /stats m. These will list the usage of various commands on your IRC server.

An updated version below is designed to work properly on Hybrid 7.

0.1 Local Copy
mrtg-irc-stats (Hybrid port)

An mrtg plugin to extract information from /stats m. These will list the usage of various commands on your IRC server.

0.1 Local Copy
mrtg-irc-total-users An mrtg plugin to graph total users on an IRC network. 2000-11-10 Local Copy
IRCnet Statbot A Perl bot used to track user counts and other information for use by mrtg. 1.1 Local Copy
Local mrtg.cfg

Programming and Debugging Tools

Neither the archiver nor the authors are responsible for any damage these programs may cause to your network.

tshelper telnet-server helper, provides logging, on-connect script execution, IPv6 server and vhost/bindip support, and automatic (silent) handling of PING. [VIEWCVS offline] 0.7 Direct Link

Miscellaneous Bots


A bot used by operators to op and/or invite themselves into designated operator channels. There is no authentication, you only have to be opered to issue the /ctcp operbot op or /ctcp operbot invite commands. The bot also handles KNOCK, and "operit" in one of its channels.

The author does not recommend using the bot in more than one or two channels.

An SSL patch is included, however it is provided at the user's risk with absolutely no support.

v7 Direct Link
spambuster.tcl An eggdrop script that will perform a distributed spam check on an IRC network. 2.4 Local Copy

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