These are the following "open source" services programs that work with TSora based ircd's (Hybrid, ircd-ratbox, csircd, and 2.8.21+CS). The list is arranged by category, and is likely not complete.

Services are defined as programs that link into an IRC network as a server. The service then performs some task for the users, operators, and/or the administrators.

This is part of a series of pages providing information on programs usable with TSora IRC servers.

I have not run all of these programs. I cannot guarantee that any will even work. I also cannot guarantee they will work with all platforms.

The local copies of the programs may or may not be current. I try to keep them current but I sometimes will lag behind for a period of time.

Any entry with a gold background are programs that have been updated within the past year and/or are actively maintained.

Ratbox Services

ratbox-services Username/channel/nickname registration, jupe, global message service, oper services, opered bots, list services 1.0.3 (1.1.0rc2 in testing) 1.0.3 (Direct Link)
1.1.0rc2 (testing) (Direct Link)

OperServ/StatServ Programs

Sentinel (formerly Stats) A statistics service, split tracking service, jupe service, operator service, and work-alike for EFnet's services.xo (services clones and drones commands, compatible with TCM/oomon). [VIEWCVS offline] 3.3.FINAL Direct Link
NeoStats A modular statistics service and reporting service. There are add-on modules for security/drone scanning and proxy scanning. [VIEWCVS-SVN] 2.5.20 Local Copy

A set of services containing an OperServ, StatServ, FileServ (DCC file storage), FindServ (web search), MobiServ (send SMS messages), ScanServ (proxy scanner), PageServ (bridge between IRC and Instant Messager protocols), and GameServ (check game server statistics).

1.5.1 Stable
1.7pre8 Beta
Local Stable
Local Beta
Hybrid/ratbox patch for OperStats A patch to make OperStats 1.2.0 work on Hybrid 7 or ircd-ratbox networks with a few other enhancements.
Patch: 0.4+malkier
Program: 1.2.0
Local Program
Local Patch

OperServ Only Programs

Collaborated IRC Services An operator service with advanced GLINE and drone tracking functionality. Beta 2 Local Copy
OBServ (Archive)

An early operator service.

This program will not run unmodified on current servers.

1.1.3 Local Copy
ircdserv (Archive)

An operserv and nick juping program.

Seems to only work properly on Linux machines.

1b11 Local Copy
Athena (Website down) An advanced Perl based network management service. Provides a telnet interface. 0.3 Local Copy

A modular operator service written in ircII script. There are a number of modules provided, including a QuoteServ and a spambot detector.

There are two versions available from the site, one normal version and one epic4 version. The normal version will run on older epic clients and older ircII clients. The epic4 version is required if you use a newer epic client. ircII current is not functional.

The service runs best on epic, and some of the modules require epic.

3.2 Local Copy (Standard)
Local Copy (EPIC)

StatServ Only Programs

AlcStats (FTP site)

A statistics service with heavy tie-ins to RRDtool.

3.5 Local Copy

A statistics service.

Will not work on Hybrid 7 without modification, and I have had it periodically spin-loop (100% CPU).

0.9-7 Local Copy
Thales A bridge between IRC and MySQL, allowing an administrator to create custom statistics scripts and PHP reports. [VIEWCVS] 1.0 Local Copy
IRCReport (SourceForge Project Page)

A PHP and MySQL based statistical service.

Although the website says TS4, it actually speaks TS3/5.

Hybrid/TS support is experimental.

2.0b2 Local Copy

HybServ and Derivatives (Nick/Chan/Memo)

HybServ2 A set of "Dalnet-style" services (NickServ, ChanServ, OperServ, MemoServ, HelpServ, GlobalNoticer, and SeenServ). The most commonly used set of "standard" services on TSora based networks. Consult the README for more URL's and information. [ CVS/SVN | Releases ] 1.9.2 Local Copy
HybServ2 1.9.0pre Bulgarian Patch A patch for HybServ2 1.9.0pre (should apply to current CVS as well) to support Bulgarian in addition to English text and help files.   Local Copy
HybServ (Archive) The original HybServ, providing NickServ, ChanServ, OperServ, MemoServ, HelpServ, and a Global Noticer. This is no longer supported, but still listed as some people prefer the older version. 1.6.0beta3 Local 1.5.0
Local 1.6.0beta3
UniBg's HybServ (Original) (Website Down) UniBg's variant of HybServ. It has some unique features, but is no longer maintained. Look below for the current version. 2.2.3 Local Copy
UniBg's HybServ A newer release of UniBg's HybServ. Use this one as opposed to the one before. 1.6.1+UniBG-p12 Local Copy
Dancer Services a HybServ variant for the FreeNode (formerly OPN) network. Unlikely to work with stock Hybrid Local Copy
Hybserv-BG A HybServ variant for demond's hybrid-7-bg, also has numerous unique features. [VIEWCVS] 1.0 Local Copy (1 Apr. 2003)
HybServ+BgFree (Site down)

Another modified HybServ for the BgFree patchset to hybrid and ratbox.

lite-20040401-rc1 Local Copy
FreeWorld.NU's HybServ Another modified HybServ, for the IRC Network. 1.9.0+fw Local Copy
ShakeIT Hybserv Another modified HybServ, for the ShakeIT IRC Network. p5rc1 Local Copy

Dalnet Style Services (Nick/Chan/Memo)

FWServ A SQL driven set of services providing the standards plus BotServ. [VIEWCVS] 1.0a4 Local Copy
IRC Services

One of the most commonly used set of services providing the basic Dalnet-like standards.

Hybrid ircd support is experimental.

The support depends on ircd-hybrid 7's broken contrib module. This means that the services will only work on 7.0.x, 7.1 betas with that module loaded. ircd-ratbox and csircd are not supported.

5.0.41 Local Copy

A MySQL driven Nick/Chan/Oper service for the oftc network. [VIEWCVS]

May not work with stock Hybrid.

CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -d checkout oftc-blitzed
Password: anoncvs

1.9.0 RC2 Local Copy
Anope A fully featured Nick/Chan/Oper/Bot services package. [VIEWCVS-SVN] 1.6.2 Stable
1.7.5 Development
Local Stable
Local Development
NewNet Services Clone for ircd-hybrid An incomplete but functional set of Dalnet style services.
NOTE: All server-names and services nicks are hard coded.
0.2.1a Local Copy
FreeBSD Patch
TSora patch for Cygnus A traditional set of services ported to run on stock TSora (Hybrid 7/ircd-ratbox) servers. 0.2.1+TSora Local Program
Local Patch

Channel Services (Not Dalnet-Like)


A ChanFix implementation that runs as a module on a Hybrid 7.1's CVS snapshot server. The host ircd running the module will create a ChanFix user to interact with users.

This version has been discontinued. Use the Hybrid 7.0.x version listed below.

2.0.4 Local Copy
OpenChanfix (Hybrid 7.0.x version) A ChanFix implementation that runs as a module on a Hybrid 7.0/7.0.x server. The host ircd running the module will create a ChanFix user to interact with users. 2.1.1 Local Copy

EFnet's ChanFix and JUPES.

There is very little documentation and all logging is done via syslog(). Only experienced users should attempt to run this service.

3.21 Local Services
Match Library
Conf Library
mchanfix (Archive)

A cleaned up and documented version of the above EFnet chanfix.

Designed for the musircd ircd, but includes a hybrid patch to work with ircd-hybrid-7.

1.0.5 Local Copy
efserv (Archived Copy) An independent ChanFix and tcm/oomon service. This is NOT ChanFix as run on EFnet, and this program has a lot of unresolved bugs and issues. CVS 20020416_0 Local Copy
dserv (Archive) A distributed channel service. This code is completely unsupported. 1.0 Local Copy
X2 X2 channel/operator service. Version 5.0.3 supports Hybrid TS4, but will not allow any non-TS4 server on the network. Last TS4 Version: 5.0.3 Local Copy
Shrike An Undernet-style channel/username registration service with a powerful global noticer. [VIEWCVS-SVN] 1.01 Local Copy
Ratbox Services

A set of username and channel registration services with a generic database backend. Includes some unique features no other service provides. [VIEWCVS]

1.0beta1 Local Copy

Nickname Services

ircd-pi-services (No known site) A MySQL driven NickServ (ChanServ and MemoServ functionality has not yet been written). No documentation. [VIEWCVS] CVS Local Copy

Instant Messager Bridges

IMIRC A bridge between IRC and AOL Instant Messager. [VIEWCVS] 1.6 Local Copy
ICQServ (Website Down)

A bridge between ICQ and IRC for the UniBg hybrid patchset. A patch is available here to make the service compatible with stock hybrid/cs/ratbox servers.

It has been reported to me that this program can no longer communicate with the ICQ network.

0.07.18 Local Copy

Programming and Debugging Tools

Neither the archiver nor the authors are responsible for any damage these programs may cause to your network.

Net::IRCService A Perl module to help create IRC Services programs. It includes modules for both Hybrid 6 and Hybrid 7. There are also demo "fortune", "hackops", and "wallops relay" services included. 0.13 Local Copy
Plaything (Archive) A debugging/testing program, used to send raw IRC server-server commands via PRIVMSG. This is totally unauthenticated and for debugging/development purposes ONLY. CVS 1.3 Direct Link
Network Daemon Exploder A test program used for load testing and can be modified to test new commands/syntax/etc. [VIEWCVS] 0.3 Local Copy A Python script used to restore ops and/or take over channels. CVS 1.6 Local Copy
tshelper A telnet-server helper, provides logging, on-connect script execution, IPv6 server and vhost/bindip support, and automatic (silent) handling of PING. [VIEWCVS offline] 0.7 Direct Link

Proxy Detection Services


A proxy service that runs on unmodified Hybrid/csircd 1.14 based networks.

Not for use with larger networks.

0.3-beta Local Copy
SocksCleaner (Archive and Documentation) A proxy detection service. An HTTP proxy detection patch and instructions (in Bulgarian) can be found here. 0.4.1 Local Program
Local Patch

A network wide bopm based proxy scanner.

This is primarily designed for PTlink ircd, but it should function on stock TSora servers. [VIEWCVS]

This also is not for use on larger networks.

1.3.0 Local Copy

Security Services

These are services that typically track and deal with drones, without providing much operator service functionality.


The author of this application spammed IRC networks when it was initially released. Please see this for a copy of the spam message received by a network I ran a server on.

A service to automatically remove certain types of abusive clients.

Please see this for information about an exploit and a bug fix. A copy of the patch is available here.

1.0a3 Local Copy
IRCDefender A modular Perl based service used to scan for and automatically ban drones. [VIEWCVS] 1.3.11 Local Copy

Miscellaneous Services

GameServ A service implementing a LORD style adventure/RPG game. Players fight creatures and other players for gold. The game is still alpha, and is thus incomplete, but still playable. [VIEWCVS] 1.2.3 Local Copy
HostServ A service and support modules (in need of updating) to allow users to change their hostnames in a controlled and logged manner. [VIEWCVS] 1.00-a1 Local Copy
NoteServ Hybrid A port of IRCnet's NoteServ program, a sane implementation of the traditional NOTE command. This is not a typical MemoServ implementation. [VIEWCVS offline] 0.8-4th sunscreen+hybrid_0.3 Direct Link
SplitServ A netsplit tracking and reporting service, no longer supported by the author as its code has been reimplemented into Sentinel above. [VIEWCVS offline] v7-FINAL Direct Link
IRCnet Jupe Server

A program that creates two servers, a set server-name used for the IRC server's C/N/H lines (or connect blocks), and the server you wish to jupe.

This program works for both the TSora and IRCnet protocols.

This patch makes it a little friendlier to server status clients/scripts/services.

j6 Local Copy
Anonet Jupe Service A Perl program that links to an IRC network and allows operators to place jupes using the remote CONNECT command.   Local Copy
ProcServ A program to link UNIX shell commands and programs to an IRC network. [VIEWCVS] 0.6pre4 Local Copy
Greeter A standalone "on-connect" greeter. This program was written before HybServ had a global noticer, and has since been obsoleted. [VIEWCVS offline   Direct Link

A modification to OBServ above, including a BotServ. [VIEWCVS]

This is extremely buggy code and will most likely not work.

1.0 Local Copy
bridge (Website down) A continuation of ejb's bridge service, a bridge between Hybrid/ratbox servers and Unreal. 0.1 Local Copy
ircd-hybrid to ircd-SDr Gateway A bridge between Hybrid/ratbox and IRCnet 2.10.3 (specifically with the +SDr patchset). [SVN] 0.2 Release
SVN r89 Devel
Local Release
Local Devel
Advanced IRC Services Project (Website down) An early development modular/SQL services framework, supporting both TS5 and TS6. [CVSWEB]   No release yet.
UniBG SeenServ A patch to HybServ, used on UniBG to provide a more functional SeenServ than the standard HybServ implementation.   Local Patch
Global XLINE/RESV Service

A module for ircd-ratbox patched with the +service patch included to allow authorized operators access to vote for XLINE and RESV entries that will be applied globally.

Only the server running the service must be patched. All others wanting to participate in the XLINE/RESV voting on the network only need to set shared{} block entries.

  Local Module
Local Patch

A few other programs have patches to make them work on TSora servers, but the patches are incomplete or, as of yet, privately maintained.

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