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This directory contains a collection of patches for Hybrid servers and is an unofficial mirror for that daemon.

1-Stock Stock distributions of Hybrid, official and unofficial bug fix patches for each version, and patches from operating system vendors to provide packaging information and if necessary compilation fixes.
2-Patchsets Large patches containing a number of enhancements.
3-Feature Patches that give some sort of feature enhancement that does not violate user privacy or give access to channels, and are not large enough to beconsidered a patchset (subjective to the archivist.)
4-Hackops Patches that in some way violate user privacy or give operators access to channels they are not opped in.
5-Tools A link to ../irc_tools
6-Uncategorized Patches not fitting into any other category, or patches I have not yet reviewed.
7-Network-Branding Patches defining settings and values for specific networks, and patches changing the name of the daemon after trivial modification.